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Terms and Conditions SMB — Social Media Booster Partnership Buyer — A natural or legal person who orders our services. Order — Presentation of relevant information and payment. Guarantee — Ability to receive compensation for missing product. 1. General rules a) In the event of a technical fault, the buyer is obliged to inform the administration. b) Creating a dispute in PayPal, will lead to being added to the black list and your account will be blocked. c) If we change the rules, we'll let you know about it. d) Delivering the order requires you to have your profile set to public in order for us to proceed (once we started your order, payment is non-refundable) 2. Returns a) If we did not process the order because of a locked profile or invalid data, you are welcome to apply for a refund. b) If you specified invalid data and your order went to someone else, we are not going to refund or process the order for the correct address. c) You can receive the full reimbursement of your money if you haven’t started to receive your goods within 72 hours after they were paid. d) You can apply for refund within the warranty period once in 24 hours. e) If you are ordering from several services, we will not refund in anyway. 3. Responsibility a) We are not responsible for the deviations of the actual functioning of the service from the description because its evaluation may differ depending on the client of our services. b) We are not responsible for any consequences caused after you receive the order. c) In case an order is greater than the maximum quantity, we do not promise the corresponding implementation description.

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